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Innovative Fabric Building Solutions:

Look into tensioned fabric buildings in Portland, OR & Olympia, WA

Temporary Storage Buildings, Greenhouses, High Tunnels, Canopies and Tensioned membrane structures available immediately from inventory...

Tensioned Fabric Buildings

Tensioned fabric buildings and membrane structures are innovative used worldwide by leading military departments, oil and gas companies, educational institutions, disaster recovery organizations and many others.

Tensioned fabric buildings provide a completely customizable and movable alternative for any permanent or semi-permanent structure project. From fabric structure dome arenas to aircraft hangers to churches to re-locatable office complexes, our fabric buildings provide a cost effective, long-term solution for all your building needs.

To date, tensioned fabric buildings are used in over 90 countries worldwide by leading corporations and local organizations alike. The Sprung family's commitment to product evolution and fabric structure innovation ensures you get the best return on your fabric building investment today and in the future.

Options Include:

Livestock Housing, Casinos, Equine Riding Arenas. Hog Housing & Production, Athletic Facilities, Hay, Grain & Feed Storage, Warehousing & Manufacturing, Waste & Decontamination, Fisheries & Hatcheries, Sand Storage & Salt Storage, Marine Storage Buildings, Temporary Housing, Aviation & Aerospace, Exhibition Halls, Equipment Storage, Compost Buildings, Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs.

The tensioned membrane structure is an innovative fabric building alternative designed for diverse semi-permanent and permanent needs in over 90 countries worldwide.

Our commitment to product evolution will meet tomorrow's possibilities: the proven, advanced and responsive alternative to conventional construction.

Fabric structures are manufactured in our own ISO 9001:2008 certified, state-of-the-art factories. With over two million square feet of available inventory, we respond to immediate relocatable structure requirements worldwide. Sprung fabric structures help leading corporations to quickly enter new market areas due to the modular building design of the Sprung tensioned membrane structure.

Athletic Building & Sports Arenas

Our sports facilities provide wide-open space with no interference from poles or columns and no obstructed views for spectators. It is an ideal indoor environment for players, performers and sports fans. The sound absorbing walls provide a peaceful atmosphere - no harsh sounds of sleet or rain pelting a roof.

Commercial Storage Buildings

Our commercial storage buildings provide plenty of room for features like meeting rooms, loading docks, offices and more. Available in any width, up to 200' and to any length, ClearSpan offers faster construction, strength, versatility, natural light and reduced costs.

Government & Municipal Garages

All of our tension membrane buildings are easy to access - DOT vehicles can drive right inside. The natural light and protective covers keep moisture away. Ideal for salt sheds, sand storage facilities, recycling complexes, waste treatment centers, DOT garages and more.

Equestrian & Riding Arenas

Ride indoors - feel like you are outside! Customers love our wide-open space, high ceilings, abundant sunlight and peaceful atmosphere, and their horses do too. We offer the ultimate in comfortable, customizable, pre-engineered steel and tension fabric covered riding arena and barns.

Industrial Warehousing

Imagine a warehouse with no interior poles, ample clearance, maximum storage capacity and no need for interior lighting - one that also provides workers with a healthy, sunny environment. ClearSpan offers the ultimate in pre-engineered steel and fabric covered industrial warehouse buildings.