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The Truth is Used Never Erected Metal Buildings were a viable option back in the economic crash of 2008. We couldn't give away new steel buildings. Cash buyers were looking for deals and to survive we brokered win/win solutions to help both buyers and sellers get what they wanted. Note "canceled" buildings very seldom come up as dealers/brokers/builders have a deposit prepaid they don't want to lose. The plants are not on the hook.

There are numerous difficulties to sell or buying one of these structures. It has to get loaded and shipped. It needs to be safely engineered for your construction location especially if permits are required. Engineering can be a couple of thousand potentially a good chunk more. Then you need to adapt the structure to your requirements

There are benefits if the price is right for both parties and the above issues are kept to a minimum expense. Usually, a new structure can be more cost-effective but there can be good deals.

Sellers can list your structure for sale with us at no charge. Just contact us with your details and we will get it posted. Buyers can do their own search or hire us to contact and negotiate the best deal based on our experience. We get the structure loaded and shipped at your expense.
Should you need it, we can assist in finding you a structural and foundation engineer to comply with your permit process. We charge Buyers a flat fee of $395 for our search and negotiation services.

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